What Is The Best Skip Tracing Software

Skip tracing is an important part of managing and locating resources in software, technology, and other industries. It helps businesses, organizations, and individuals to locate people or assets that have been missing or lost for a certain amount of time.

In order to be successful at skip tracing, you need the right tool – namely, skip tracing software. However, with so many different products on the market today it can be difficult to determine which one is best suited for your particular needs.

This blog post will provide an overview of some of the most popular skip-tracing software solutions available today as well as tips on how to choose the right one for you.

Introducing Skip Tracing Software

Skip tracing software is an innovative tool designed to aid in the location of people or assets that have gone missing or have become difficult to locate.

These software solutions utilize advanced search methodologies, data aggregation, and analytics to find and report on the location of the desired search targets.

In industries such as debt recovery, real estate, private investigation, and even in law enforcement and social services, skip tracing software plays a pivotal role.

The software goes beyond traditional search methods by delving into databases and information networks, often revealing connections and providing leads that would otherwise go unnoticed.

With a myriad of options available in the market, making the right choice for your specific requirements can be a challenging task.

This guide aims to simplify that process by providing comprehensive insights into some of the top skip tracing software solutions available today.

Benefits of Using Skip Tracing Software

Efficiency and Speed

Skip tracing software enhances efficiency by streamlining the tracing process.

Instead of manually scouring through heaps of data, users can input relevant information and let the software do the heavy lifting.

The sophisticated algorithms in these tools can sift through massive databases in a fraction of the time it would take a human, yielding accurate results quickly.

Broad Range of Data Sources

These tools access a wide array of databases and public records, vastly expanding the scope of search beyond conventional means.

From social media sites to credit reports and legal documents, skip tracing software pulls data from diverse sources, increasing the chances of locating the subject.

Advanced Analytics

Most skip-tracing software offers advanced analytic capabilities.

They not only locate the target but also analyze patterns and predict future behaviors.

This can be particularly useful in industries like law enforcement or debt recovery, where predicting a subject’s next move could be critical.

What Is The Best Skip Tracing Software

How To Choose The Right Skip Tracing Software

Features to Consider

Before investing in skip tracing software, there are several features you should consider:

  • Ease of Use: The software should have a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily input data and generate reports. Training for new users should be minimal.
  • Reliability: Ensure the software consistently provides accurate and reliable results. Check customer reviews and ask for a demo or trial period to test out the product.
  • Customer Support: A robust customer support system is crucial. Look for companies that offer 24/7 support or have a reputation for responding quickly to queries.

Top Skip Tracing Software

  • BellesLink: This is a cloud-based solution that offers batch skip tracing, voice and text messaging, and local number calling.
  • TransUnion TLOxp: This software boasts accurate location data, investigative tools, and risk management features.
  • Microbilt: Known for its risk management solutions, Microbilt combines traditional credit bureau data with alternative credit data to locate hard-to-find individuals.
  • Clear: An innovative tool from Thomson Reuters, Clear is ideal for investigative, legal, and risk management professionals. It offers comprehensive reports and analytics.

Features to Look For in Skip Tracing Software

When choosing a skip tracing software, it’s important to consider the following features:

  1. Data Capabilities: Your chosen software should be able to handle a wide range of data types and sources. It should be able to pull from public records, credit reports, social media, and more to provide a comprehensive view of the person or asset you’re tracking.
  2. Accuracy: The software should provide accurate and up-to-date information. This is critical in ensuring that you’re tracking the right person or asset.
  3. Speed: Time is often of the essence in skip tracing. Your software should be able to quickly process information and return results.
  4. Reporting: The software should offer detailed reports on the information it gathers. These reports should be easy to read and understand.
  5. Cost-Effective: While it’s important to have a powerful tool at your disposal, it’s equally important that the software is cost-effective. Look for software that offers a good balance of features and cost.
  6. Security: Ensure the software adheres to stringent security protocols to protect sensitive data.
  7. Integration: The software should easily integrate with other systems you’re using, creating a seamless workflow.
  8. Updates and Enhancements: Technology is ever-evolving. This means your software should also evolve with technology. Look for a product that regularly updates and enhances its features to keep up with the latest trends and developments.

Types of Data Sources Used by Skip Tracing Software
What Is The Best Skip Tracing Software

Skip tracing software leverages a variety of data sources to trace individuals or assets.

These sources typically include public records, credit bureau data, court records, real estate records, and vehicle registrations.

Social media platforms and online directories have become prominent data sources, as they can offer a wealth of personal, professional, and location information.

Some advanced software even utilizes alternative data sources like utility records and purchasing data to track down harder-to-find individuals.

A comprehensive and diverse range of data sources aids in ensuring that the software’s search results are accurate and thorough.

Cost Considerations for Different Types of Skip Tracing Software

Skip tracing software varies widely in terms of cost, largely depending on the features, database access, and data capacity it offers.

Some basic versions might be available for a modest monthly fee, making them suitable for small businesses or individual investigators.

More advanced, enterprise-level solutions often come with a higher price tag but provide extensive features and broader data access.

Some vendors may offer tiered pricing or pay-per-search options, allowing you to choose a plan that best fits your budget and requirements.

Always ensure to analyze the cost against the benefits before you make an investment decision.


When a person or asset becomes elusive, skip tracing software emerges as a critical tool in locating them. This article stresses the importance of such software in diverse industries, illuminating its advantages such as speed, efficiency, and extensive data sourcing. Readers are guided through key considerations when choosing a skip tracing software, including features like ease of use, reliability, customer support and data capabilities. The article also presents a list of top software options, thus providing valuable insight into this technological tool. Ultimately, its cost-effectiveness and security protocols are underscored, deeming it a necessary investment for effective resource management.


What is Skip Tracing Software and why is it important?

Skip tracing software is a tool used by businesses, organizations, and individuals to locate people or assets that have been missing or lost. It is important because it enhances efficiency, offers extensive data sourcing, and improves resource management.

What are the key features to consider when choosing a Skip Tracing Software?

The key features to consider are ease of use, reliability, customer support, data capabilities, accuracy, speed, reporting, cost-effectiveness, security, integration, and regular updates.

What are some top-rated Skip Tracing Software options?

BellesLink, TransUnion TLOxp, Microbilt, and Clear are some top-rated skip tracing software options, each with their own unique features and benefits.

What types of data sources are used by Skip Tracing Software?

Skip tracing software uses a variety of data sources including public records, credit bureau data, court records, real estate records, vehicle registrations, social media platforms, online directories, utility records, and purchasing data.

How does the cost of Skip Tracing Software vary?

The cost of skip tracing software can vary widely depending on its features, database access, and data capacity. Some basic versions are suitable for small businesses or individual investigators, while more advanced, enterprise-level solutions are more expensive but provide extensive features and broader data access.

Are there any security concerns when using Skip Tracing Software?

It’s crucial to ensure that the skip tracing software adheres to stringent security protocols to protect sensitive data. Always inquire about the software’s security measures before making a purchase.

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